Artist / Architect / Photographer

Asare Adjei is an award-winning contemporary Ghanaian-British Artist, Architect and Photographer whose works combine observations and commentary on World Culture, Human Rights and Cosmology.

His work captures an essence of humanity and duality by the juxtaposing of various visual elements to create a unique new style.

Asare’s work explores themes and metaphors of unification and balance by the blending, shaping and merging of myriad global influences and visual textures.

His work is also heavily influenced by his African heritage, Sacred Geometry and Architect professional background.

In addition, his artworks and photography also feature his interest in social activism and the tackling of issues of human rights and spirituality.

Asare hopes that through his art, he can help bring more inspiration and unity to our world. He hopes to encourage us all to appreciate ourselves, recognise our shared collective similarities and appreciate each other worldwide (*One world / One global soul family).

Like Asare always says, his job is to elevate your awareness and so that you can… “FULFILL YOUR SPARK”!



Artist Statement

A long time ago, when I was a young child, my father who was a navy commander in Ghana (Africa), used to tell me stories about his adventures travelling around the world with the navy.

Beyond the tales of his various exploits… he often remarked to me about how similar all cultures (mankind) are across the globe.

He often spoke of our collective search for the same things irrespective of one’s race, gender, sexuality, age/etc.

He spoke about our common need for shelter, love of family and friends, search for sustenance and seek ways to protect or children and guide them safely into adulthood.

This idea of our collective similarity stayed with me throughout my youth and into adulthood. When I began to travel extensively in my late teens, I too began to realize this inherent truth of humanity.

It is now my goal/mission to use art as a vehicle to express this collective truth (that we are all one / one soul family across the world /one world) irrespective of cultural or national background / heritage.

I like using art and photography as a way of showing this collective reality beyond borders. We are all indeed the same and I hope to serve as a window to this truth of life.

I have chosen to begin with a focus on tribal and nomadic cultures across the world, particularly Africa (my homeland), but I do aim to quickly expand these collections to include all cultures.

I am mostly drawn to tribal cultures because I feel they hold grain of infinite truth in their way of life. They lead unfettered lives that moves effortlessly with the seasons and landscapes that they inhabit. They have great respect for the land (Earth) and life itself. I feel we are raised in cosmopolitan cities have a lot to learn from our nomadic brethren and maybe I can help bring awareness to their causes and loss of homeland. They are custodians of our planet and protect vital plants and animal life that we all need, so I’ve chosen to begin my art journey with them by highlighting their beauty and humanity.

I plan to also use my art to also record my various global travel adventures across the world and capture my experiences and the people that I encounter.

Art transcend cultures, borders, race, class, sexuality, age/etc… It’s a force that brings UNITY.

Right now, our Trumpian world is obsessed with petty divisions and subjugation. We need reminders of something greater than ourselves and art brings this.

So in the same spirit of the tales told me as a child by my late father. I too now share stories that celebrate the world through my art.