Artist / Photographer / Architect

Asare Adjei is a Ghanaian-British interdisciplinary Artist, Photographer and Architect who lives and works between London (UK) and Accra (Ghana).

Born in the UK and raised in both Ghana and the UK. Asare has developed an inimitable dual-cultural perspective which he infuses into his work.

Asare’s work captures an essence of humanity and the duality of existence by the juxtaposing of various visual elements, materials and symbology to create a unique new style. He creates vibrant artworks by the blending, shaping and merging of myriad African visual textures with Architecture influences.

He utilizes his art to explore his Ashanti heritage and what it means for him to be an African. It’s an empowering vision that encompasses a mission to celebrate Africa and its numerous cultures as well as its contribution to the cannon of global culture. Asare’s work is a love letter to Africa and an appreciation for its movement towards the future.

Asare loves expressing and communicating directly through his artworks. He conveys layers of emotions and dialogue through his colourful palette choices and intricate layering of background patterns formed from ancient African symbology, cosmology, textiles and sacred geometry.

Through his creative work, we are challenged to come to terms with the metamorphosis of what it means to be African.

In addition to art, Asare also creates travel photography that explores the discourse on being African. He charts his extensive global travel experiences from the African perspective, taking the viewer into the way in which he engages with the world and helping to form new narratives that are not often seen within the global cultural landscape.

Asare studied Architecture and worked as an Architect for twelve years prior to pursuing his passion for Fine Art and Photography. He has worked most notably with the prestigious architect Sir David Adjaye.

Asare has had his photography works published in The Guardian Newspaper, and has exhibited artworks in group exhibitions at Rebecca Hossack Gallery (Mayfair/UK), Level 39 (Canary Wharf/UK), The Black and White building (Shoreditch/UK) and MeWe360 (Soho/UK). He has exhibited in a number of pop-up galleries in Accra (Ghana/Africa) and has been shortlisted for a variety of art awards including Art Gemini Prize, Creativepool Annual/etc.

Asare plans to soon begin solo exhibitions, as well as produce photobooks that detail both his artworks and global travels experiences.

He hopes that through his art and photography, he can help bring further appreciation for African culture as well as highlight its importance within the pantheon of global culture landscape.