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[ppb_text size=”one_half” title=”Gallery Profile 1″ slug=”” width=”100%” padding=”50″ bgcolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”padding-top: 0 !important;” ]Asare Adjei is a British-Ghanaian interdisciplinary Artist, Photographer and Architect who lives and works between London (UK) and Accra (Ghana).

Born 1975 in Southampton (UK), and then raised in Ghana, before a return back to the UK. Asare has developed an inimitable dual-cultural perspective which he infuses into his work.

He started showing signs of his artistic ability at around age 5yrs old, when he drew an airplane for his grandfather who was visiting the family in Accra (Ghana) from his village. Asare gave him the airplane artwork to symbolize his journey back home. His grandfather was very impressed with his level of artistry and told him that he will one day make a great artist.

Asare draws his inspiration from old colonial photographs of Africans and art history to inform his beautiful and striking artworks.

He sees it as a task of helping to represent African history as well as highlight its bright new future. He aims to show a new narrative that focuses instead on the cultural appreciation of Africa and its Ancestors.

The found photographs are re-interpreted and transformed into large scale artworks that are composed from the juxtaposing of monochromatic tones versus vibrant colours.

Asare says that his style is a visual representation of the deeper aspect of existence, which he views as a constant duality and a universal balancing act and union between two opposing forces (Light/Dark, Yin/Yang, Male/Female…etc).

In Asare’s work, the Ancestral image is liberated from the shackles of the past and then presented in an empowering way which includes a timeless background of protective space around the subject.

The Ancestral image is presented in a monochromatic fashion to represent the past and then juxtaposed against a colourful background that represents a brighter future for Africa’s lineage. Occasionally, the situation is reversed. Overall, the original colonial gaze is transformed into an “Ancestral gaze”.

Another striking aspect of his artworks is the unique style in which the forms are created.[/ppb_text]

[ppb_text size=”one_half last” title=”Gallery Profile 1″ slug=”” width=”100%” padding=”50″ bgcolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”padding-top: 0 !important;” ]Asare says that the triangulated forms are influenced by Ancient African fractals. The use of African fractals geometry can be found all across the continent in everything from architecture, hairstyles, textiles, symbolic systems, artworks and religious practices. These ecological patterns also appear everywhere in Africa’s stunning natural environment.

The African fractal geometry also has political and social implications.

As a third child in his family, the number 3 has always held a special significance for Asare.

It encourages him to reflect on Mind/Body/Soul – Father/Son/Holy Spirit… African Kemetic Pyramids and the ubiquitous mystical triangle – a symbol present throughout history and in Asare’s artworks thus bringing all these influences together harmoniously.

Through his creative work, we are challenged to come to terms with the metamorphosis of what it means to be African.

Asare studied Architecture at East London University and worked as an Architect for twelve years prior to pursuing his passion for Fine Art and Photography. He has worked most notably with the prestigious architect Sir David Adjaye.

Asare has had his photography works published in The Guardian Newspaper, and has exhibited artworks in group exhibitions at Rebecca Hossack Gallery (Mayfair/UK), Level 39 (Canary Wharf/UK), The Black and White building (Shoreditch/UK) and MeWe360 (Soho/UK) and a number of pop-up galleries in Accra (Ghana/Africa).

He has also been shortlisted for a variety of art awards including Art Gemini Prize, Creativepool Annual/etc.

In addition, he writes a regular blog offering art tips and life advice to young Creatives. His blogs can be found both on Medium and also right here on this website’s blog page.

His paintings have a unique contrasting identity and has been followed and collected by private collectors over the years.[/ppb_text]

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