Artist / Architect / Photographer

Asare Adjei is an award-winning contemporary Ghanaian-British Artist, Architect and Photographer.

His work captures an essence of humanity and duality by the juxtaposing of various visual elements to create a unique new style.

Asare’s work explores themes and metaphors of unification and balance by the blending, shaping and merging of myriad global influences and visual textures. His work is also heavily influenced by both his African heritage and Architecture professional background.

Many of his artworks are inspired by his various global travel adventures and exploration of tribal / nomadic life around the world. In addition, his artworks tackle issues of human rights, spirituality and the concept of destiny.

He hopes that through his art, he can help encourage our unity and appreciation for one another. Asare is on a mission to spread endless inspiration. Like he always says, his job is to help elevate your awareness so that you can then… FULFILL YOUR SPARK!

To purchase original artworks – please send email to: info@asareadjei.com.