Artist / Architect / Photographer

Asare Adjei is an award-winning contemporary Ghanaian-British Artist, Architect and Photographer.

His work captures an essence of humanity and duality by the juxtaposing of various visual elements to create a unique new style.

His work explores themes and metaphors of unification and balance by the blending, shaping and merging of myriad global influences and visual textures.

Asare’s work is heavily influenced by his African heritage and Architect professional background.

Many of his artworks explore life around the world from an African perspective, as well as tackle issues of human rights, social politics and the concept of equality/destiny.

His view on these topics are expressed through different artistic mediums such as Fine Art Paintings, Illustrations and Photography; which are often completed in strikingly rich intricate details.

Asare’s cross-disciplinary interests in Art, Architecture and Photography infuses his work with an unusual but exciting mix.